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    Turaco Strategy is a partnership of experts aligned around a single mission:

    Deliver actionable strategies and services that insure the safe, responsible, and ethical application of Artificial Intelligence for organizations of every size across all industries.

    We Get It.

    The world has become AI centric incredibly fast. It's nearly impossible to understand all the ways in which it's going to change your business - from operations and products to marketing and communication - but you know you will need to leverage AI to stay competitive. You may have started a couple of AI related projects, but now you're not sure how to deploy them safely and cost-effectively. Or your friend mentioned all the great stuff AI can do for your HR department or executive operations, and you're not sure what that would look like - or how to stay out of regulatory trouble. The problems might be bigger than the value of the solutions -- so what next?

    Why work with Turaco?

    Our primary focus is on Responsible and Ethical AI - making sure the use of AI and generative AI are safe, secure, and strategic. We provide risk management consulting and certification of AI models, utilizing a top down and bottom up approach to ensure products are fair and non-discriminative, accountable, safe, and preserve privacy. In addition, we ensure products stay compliant in the ever-emerging US and international regulatory landscape.


    We also offer go-to-market strategy, technical architecture and design, and startup mentoring. We can provide lean strategy services for your organization at any stage of operations - from ideation to growth and creating an innovation center of excellence for your enterprise.


    By request, we can provide due diligence expertise for investors, ensuring your investment in companies with AI products (or companies that are AI-enabled) is secure.

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  • Leadership

    Kenneth Fricklas Headshot

    Kenneth Fricklas (Principal)

    Ken Fricklas is an experienced CTO, VP of engineering, speaker, author, and lean strategy consultant. He was a senior manager at Google Search, is a member of the leadership team at 10.10.10, co-founder of Mallfinder Network (now Placewise), Disinformation, CovidCheckColorado and many other startups, former innovation lead at CableLabs, and a TechStars mentor. Currently he also serves as the innovation chair of the Colorado CleanTech Consortium.


    His primary interests are in improving the world through technical means - lessening the effects of wicked problems, and handling complexity through risk management, creative entrepreneurship and strategic leadership. He is certified in leadership with complex systems from Cornell and Applied Information Economics from Hubbard Decision Research, and has written several books on programming and AI.



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    Scott Blumenreich (Principal)

    Scott Blumenreich spent over 7 years as the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for the City of Centennial, Colorado, during which time he designed, mentored and

    brought to international prominence an Innovation Team, architected and built the City’s first enterprise class IT department, and formed of the Office of Technology and Innovation.


    Previously, Scott was the Deputy Chief Information Officer of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), where he led the Information Systems Office (ISO) and the strategic and tactical planning efforts. With Sandoz, Inc. (Novartis generics) , he led international efforts to standardize computing platforms, Information security systems, lab automation and quality standards (FDA and EMEA).


    Scott has been a research biochemist, and served executive and consultative technology roles both nationally and internationally. Most importantly, he clears his mind by playing the drums with musician friends and his favorite Prog Rock bands.

    Robert Monaco Headshot

    Robert Monaco (Principal)

    Robert Monaco is a visionary leader and advocate for ethical AI, founding the Boulder Coalition for Human Centric AI, committed to building community consensus and developing safe, reliable and transparent AI systems. Robert has over 25 years in the tech industry and a track record building relationships to develop and deliver enterprise software solutions to companies of all sizes.


    Robert's career spans multiple startup successes and a decade at IBM addressing business demands in financial services, healthcare, insurance, and the public sector with a technology focus on data management, data privacy, BPM/RPA, GRC, and AI solutions. Robert's recent certifications include AWS Cloud Foundations and a professional certification in Business Ethics from Cornell Law School.

    Parrot Logo

    The Parrot

    Turaco Strategy embodies the vision and vibrancy of its namesake, the Turaco bird, to deliver standout ethical AI consulting services that elevate your technology with a spectrum of global perspectives. We strategize with agility and insight, ensuring your AI solutions soar with integrity and innovation.


    TURA Framework


    Our TURA framework stands for "Transparent, Universal, Responsible, Accountable," encapsulating the four cornerstone principles essential to ethical AI development:


    Transparent: Advocating for openness in algorithms, data usage, and decision-making processes to ensure that AI operations can be understood and scrutinized by stakeholders.


    Universal: Ensuring inclusivity and fairness, so AI systems do not perpetuate bias and are designed to benefit a broad range of populations without discrimination.


    Responsible: Emphasizing the importance of creating AI that acts in the best interest of humans, with consideration for long-term impacts and ethical implications of AI technology.


    Accountable: Establishing clear guidelines for accountability, so there is a mechanism for redress if AI systems cause harm or operate outside of ethical boundaries.

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