• How will AI Impact your business?

    Strategy without execution is hallucination. Have a plan, see it through.



    What can your organization achieve with AI now and in the near future?


    Build a strategy.

    Align culture, capabilities, and goals and define YOUR AI strategy.



    An iterative approach

    and world class talent get things done.


  • We help you Create AND EXECUTE your AI plan

    Understand how AI can help your business succeed.

    Getting past the AI hype-cycle is not easy. It is our full-time job to track emerging AI trends, capabilities, and the tools that are redefining our society and how we work. Employing AI requires an understanding of what is available today and what is coming in the near future. Most organizations don't realize that their company's current IT stack can be infused with AI capabilities that will enhance employee productivity, improve product design and delivery, and support customer success. But how do you know which features to use and which vendors can be trusted? How do you know where to begin? Start with Turaco's AI Accelerator. Our objective is to meet you where you are right now and show you the many possibilities for AI adoption in your organization. We help rationalize the AI landscape so our partners better understand exactly where and how AI implementation can improve their business and boost employee engagement. We also balance the benefits with a clear view of the risks and a strategy for mitigating them.

    Build an AI strategy that drives your KPI's, serves your employees, and aligns with your company's culture and capabilities.

    AI capabilities are ushering in new and innovative ways to work. It is redefining how all of us learn and get stuff done. Turaco begins with the how, what, why, and when of your companies day to day operations. We start with your mission, your team's capabilities and priorities, and your approach. Then we work with you to quickly (typically less than 4 weeks) build an AI strategy and roadmap. Turaco uses proprietary frameworks and a proven innovation playbook that allows us to quickly assess your capabilities, energize and excite your teams, and integrate AI accelerators into your existing workflows. We help you create an AI Strategy and an iterative roadmap to implement as your own pace, mapped to your goals and objectives.

    Deliver results with a team of experts in AI and technology service delivery.

    Turaco has built a talent cloud and network of trusted AI solution providers, delivery partners, and experts in MLops, algorithmic bias, alignment, data science, data privacy, and AI ethics and law. We pull together bespoke teams of talent whose skills and expertise are mapped to your specific industry and requirements. In addition, Turaco is partners with AI governance organizations to help us inform our clients on emerging regulations and policies at the state, federal, and international level. Lastly, we can recommend technology service delivery partners that will help augment your staff or deliver complete end to end projects.

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